Where do you write?

I really don’t have a designated place for writing. Mostly it is from the couch or my desk. I could never write in a cafe or even library. Too many distractions. Wondering where others like to write. So…

Where is your favorite place to write?

Do you have a dream place to write?

Mine would be at a beach house. I love the peace and calm that the beach has always provided me. I could also see myself near a lake next to a gorgeous mountain just completely engulfed in nature’s beauty.

3 thoughts on “Where do you write?

  1. Lately, I have been writing on the fly, so I have found myself in some interesting locations. I have spent time writing in hospital rooms, dr offices, my recliner, the coffee shop, sitting on the floor, in a break room, in my car and one failed attempt at writing on the back deck. The last was a big mistake as I spent more time swatting mosquitos than writing. My loft is set up for writing, but time/circumstances do not allow many opportunities at the moment. Soon I hope.

    Great question!

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      1. I didn’t think I was either. But life challenged me with how badly did I want to write. Some of these locations are very distracting (usually when I am in the middle of a great thought). If you have the option, do what works best for you.

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