PitMad is Here!

And I am going for it! Courage, I feel, isn’t something I am good at. Realizing I want to be a published author has already been an up and down journey and it has made me find my bravery.

Even if I don’t get one like from an agent I am going to start submitting to them. Just one yes to change my life! How insane is that?!? I know the odds aren’t in my favor to find one quickly but a girl can hope and wish and pray and beg for it to happen!

Good luck to all my fellow authors out there who are participating in PitMad! I’m proud of all of us for trying to live our dream!

Finding an Agent

I’ll admit it. I’m overwhelmed at the moment. There is SO MUCH pressure (I’ve placed on myself) to find the “right” agent.

By right….I’ve got to stalk…uh…research! almost 100 agents. I have to find the ones that clearly represent cozy mysteries, ones that list mystery in their MSWL, and ones that all genres but “wants a voice that pulls me in, makes me laugh, fall in love…” You get the idea.

All this research is a necessity. If I’m lucky enough to find an agent I want one that is supportive, who understands my work, that can deal with the thousands of questions I’m sure I’ll have and is overall a good person. After all, this will be a hopefully long term partnership. Why would I want to spend that time with someone I don’t click with?

I’m right on the edge of the cliff. Scared out of my mind. Leaping, I will have faith. There’s a big bouncy house at the bottom that will catch me, right?