Planning a Novel

I’m 100 percent a planner. Mostly it starts off with a couple of key scenes or dialogue. For me even though I’ve written something doesn’t mean it is set in stone.

First I start with an outline, then conduct some research, start deciding on details on the characters and the setting and finally ending with a timeline – still trying to master this part though haha.

Are you a planner or panster?

If a planner, whats your process?

Books to TV

Some books to a movie deserve more than just 2 hours in a theater. They should be stretched out, examined through a series to give the story, the characters another chance to captivate the world.

I’ve always been a fan of a good cop show. Two that come to mind that I enjoyed are Sherlock & Bones.

What book to show do you like best? Least?

Which book(s) should be turned into a TV show?


Where do you write?

I really don’t have a designated place for writing. Mostly it is from the couch or my desk. I could never write in a cafe or even library. Too many distractions. Wondering where others like to write. So…

Where is your favorite place to write?

Do you have a dream place to write?

Mine would be at a beach house. I love the peace and calm that the beach has always provided me. I could also see myself near a lake next to a gorgeous mountain just completely engulfed in nature’s beauty.

How I read

When I read my novel I wonder how others will read it. Will they emphasize where I do? Will they let the magnitude of what was just said, what has just transpired sink in before reading on?

I guess it is the storyteller in me to add a little flair when I read. Especially when I read outloud.

How do you read?